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An out-of-town house is a living organism with numerous systems operating and interacting with each other. Professional maintenance and timely service support will keep your premises in a perfect state. SWS Group offers complex maintenance for houses, land properties, and cottages.

Landscape Maintenance:

  • Plant and lawn care;
  • Tree crown reduction pruning and treatment;
  • Water object care;
  • Preservation and reactivation of water equipment;
  • Watering equipment maintenance;
  • Preparing the garden for winter, shedding plants/preparing the garden for summer;
  • Removal of snow from roads and roofs;
  • Drainage and storm sewer system cleaning;
  • Repair works and other activities requiring operative treatment.

Utilities Maintenance:

  • Complex utility maintenance;
  • Water-cleaning system maintenance;
  • Boiling room maintenance;
  • Discharge and septic tank maintenance;
  • Waterline maintenance (hot & cold);
  • Electrical power network maintenance;
  • Fireplace & furnace maintenance, chimney pipe cleaning;
  • Pool and SPA equipment maintenance;
  • Conditioning and ventilation system maintenance;
  • Miscellaneous repair and preventive activities.

House / Cottage Maintenance:

  • Window / door adjustments;
  • Roof water drainage system cleaning;
  • Refreshing paint-and-varnish wooden surfaces: sides, porch logs, rails (once in 7-8 years);
  • Waste removal;
  • Separate waste removal;
  • Complex waste removal solutions;
  • Cosmetic repairs and other activities requiring operative treatment.

Order Procedure:

  1. Submit your request via phone or website;
  2. Our specialist will visit your property to coordinate the list of works, totally free;
  3. Concluding the service agreement;
  4. According to the schedule, an engineer team arrives to the property;
  5. The logbook of works completed is kept for each site;
  6. After each visit, the project coordinator composes a report;
  7. Payments are made on a monthly basis, as earned.

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