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When the project is approved, sheets and specifications are ready, there comes the building phase. This stage constitutes a complex and multi-step process, so our mission is to make it clear and convenient for you.


Comfort in management, clarity in process reviewing. It is the key priority for us to enable all our customers to make decisions based on as much information as possible. We will ask any your question and give hints on where to save and where spends will be justified.


Management of building, budget, and terms. On each stage, an agreement stipulating all the terms, is concluded.


Only verified and well-recommended suppliers become our partners. Lower prices or faster service shall not be valued higher than quality, our motto says. The key factor is high-grade building from refined materials, following the production process.

Engineering Supervision Department

To avoid significant difficulties during operation, each building phase shall follow technological standards and requirements. For each construction site, we appoint a production manager to supervise and ensure end-to-end compliance.

Responsibility and Guarantee

We are always in charge for what we do. This is why we provide guarantee for ready materials or services rendered — during this period, we will bend every effort to eradicate all possible defects, totally free.

Respectful Approach

Our team members are always provided with convenient work conditions. A properly equipped site is essential for completing the job proficiently. Our points of care are high efficiency and clarity of production processes — thus, we provide conditions empowering our specialists to concentrate on their work.


On each stage, we follow all safety standards regarding conduction of building works, namely fire and ecological safety.

Video Surveillance

All sites are equipped with the video surveillance system.


At a customer’s will, a site can be insured.

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