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Alternative energy

SWS Group is the official representative of the solar panel manufacturer Das Energy (Austria) — the company provides high-grade, technology-intensive and reliable solar panels.

Fiberglass that panels are made of is the significant competitive edge that distinguishes these products from their glass analogs.

Key Distinctive Features:

  1. Strength
  2. Light weight — 4 kg, which is 4 times lighter than ordinary glass;
  3. Flexibility;
  4. Convenience in installing (including soft tiles);
  5. Easy-to-install attachments, or glue-assisted installation. Panels come with bands;
  6. 25-year cell guarantee;
  7. 10-year panel guarantee (wires, body, attachments).

Panel Dimensions:

60 cells: 1,706 x 991 mm, 250 W

72 cells: 2,024 x 991 mm, 300 W

3 types of elaborate complex solutions accompanied by Schneider Electric equipment and US-manufactured 6, 12, and 18W batteries.

Installing panels on the roof:

  • Glue-based fixation on soft roofs;
  • Glue-based fixation on flat roofs (PVC Alwitra);
  • Fixation on BRAAS or natural tiles. Glass-based panels are fixed with special attachments (see picture);
  • Glue-based or magnet fixation on seam roofs.

Solutions we offer:

  • Landscape lighting;
  • Street lamps.
  •  Submit your request via phone or website;
  • Our specialist will visit your property to coordinate the list of works, totally free;
  • Calculating powers and loads;
  • Designing;
  • Developing known-good solutions for making your house autonomous;
  • Delivering the turn-key ready project, with guarantee and maintenance included.

We are happy to see that our work and alternative energy developments give us new opportunities for autonomous power supply that become more and more relevant today. With heat and energy generated with no poisonous emissions, it helps to preserve natural resources and use solar, wind, and ground energy — thereby, we treat our planet with due care.

An innovative and high-end alternative energy source; a smart heating and conditioning method. Uses outdoor/ground air and directs it into the house.

Heat Carriers:

  • Ground-water;
  • Water-water;
  • Water-air;
  • Air-air.


Heat Sources:

  • Geothermal (heat extracted from ground or water);
  • Aerial (based on atmospheric heat).


Heat Transfer Circuits:

  • Compressive (simple, most widespread and efficient);
  • Absorptive (using an absorbent creates a new and more efficient generation of a heat pump).
  • Cost-Efficient due to enormous performance rate (300-800%);
  • High-power;
  • Simple in installing and using;
  • Widely used;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Convenience in using due to no-noise and automated weather-oriented systems;
  • Reliability due to few moving and long-standing parts;
  • Any energy supported (electric or heat);
  • Switching from winter heating mode to summer conditioning mode supported;
  • High fire safety level. No flames, emissions, smoke blacks, smell, gas, fuel.


  • The room where a heat pump is installed shall be well-insulated;
  • Moderate water heating (50-60 °C);
  • No consumption culture or saving methods;
  • No governmental support of energy supply program;
  • Limitations of heat efficiency of environments (water, air, ground) in winter (at average temperatures below zero).

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