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Log production

The production process consists of several treatment phases. Usually, softwoods are used, namely:

  • Polar pine tree;
  • Fir tree;
  • Larch;
  • Siberian pine;
  • Large-diameter log constructions.

These woods are naturally permeated with resin, strong and meeting requirements for building natural-timber houses.

Ready-made logs need a dry and cool room (temperature not higher than 70 °C). These very conditions enable us to preserve the material for further use.

Another significant parameter is availability of drainage sheds, with humidity and temperature control. This aspect is crucial as logs shall be good for use in any season.

Advantages of using Kelo, rounded, or cut logs:

  1. No trenches appear when installing, logs form a reliable and firm joint. This way, joint filler is not needed too much as the construction is already draft-proof. With that, a safe construction ensuring fair energy saving is created.
  2. By following the process technology, we ensure the highest quality of the ready logs.
  3. Walls made of undressed logs bring the ethnic mood to the house. On the other hand, coated logs allow for forming various interior designs that can be switched when and how desired.

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