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Production of a glued bar

Glued Laminated Timber:

  • Innovative, eco-friendly, installation-comfortable material with low shrinkage of 1-2%.
  • Perfect physical properties: logs are strong, flexible, and light-weight — in contrast to concrete or steel.
  • Because of it, structural opportunities that can be used are wider than for other materials.

Our Capabilities:

  • Bonding up to 31 meters, no-trouble transporting up to 17 meters.
  • Treatment Methods: over-cutting, spline, city corner, supported beam, Tyrol.
  • High Profiles: min height varies from 193 to 243 mm.
  • Rich variety of profiles.

Production Process:

Quality. All components are perfectly manufactured.

High-end equipment and skilled personnel are the factors that make the product quality one of the finest in Russia.

Machines and other equipment used: Grecon, Rex, Eiselle, Ledinek, Auer BL200, Schmidler S4plus, Schmidler S6.

Thin bevels. Glued laminated timber parts are made on the production floor, with strict compliance with temperature and humidity standards. This is what allows reducing the final installation time down to 1 week.

Gluing. Akzo Nobel and Kilto glues are used.

During production, the quality of gluing seams is controlled pursuant GOST 25884-83 “Glued timber constructions.

Method for measuring strength of glued joints in layer-by-layer shearing.” and GOST 27812-2005 “Glued timber constructions.

Methods for measuring anti-delamination resistance of glued joints”.

The technology is strictly followed pursuant to GOSTs stipulating standards for production and manufacturing.

Optimal temperature and humidity are permanently kept at the production floor.

Each part undergoes laboratory tests to confirm quality compliance.

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