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Timber frame. Hand made house

Neo timber framing is the type of frame houses that, in contrast to ethnic timber framing, brings the contemporary style and panoramic glass.

Why Timber Framing?


Each part of the wall frame is made with renowned German fineness, located strictly at its place in the scheme. Quality control is the procedure that construction undergoes in each phase, conducted by an accredited specialist.


The frame is as light and safe as a metal one; at the same time, the mass is more optimal enabling to use various types of basement.


Production capabilities allow for making manufacturing timbers more than 12 meters long, which extends boundaries of architectural horizons in design.


The technology makes it possible to use wide-aperture structures — this is extremely relevant for building both private houses and trade / office buildings.

TIMBER FRAME. Hand-made house

House framing became popular not only in Europe and England, but also in the US and Canada. The bearing frame is done over with walls, visible from the inside and showing up as an interior element. There can be various wall-layer designs — either by thickness or by materials.

Most try to imitate this technology using dummy beams and other framing elements.

Pure timber frame for us is just like manufacturing luxurious products that others try to counterfeit but much fewer create true masterpieces.

Stage-by-Stage Timber Frame Constructing

  1. The first phase is selection fir-tree logs (at least 50 cm in diameter along the trunk).
  2. Cutting out the log according to the design, leaving 20-cm indent on both sides. For instance, one needs 320×270 to create a 300×250 profile.
  3. Drying the log in a vacuum dryer.
  4. The dried log is treated on a jointing plane and line gage. In this phase, indents disappear, while the dried log transforms.
  5. Joints used: mortise-and-tenon, city corner, dovetail, cross-lap joint, and other types.
  6. Making splines from acacia or oak.
  7. Once splines are ready, final adjustments are made for joints, and then fixing joints.
  8. Polishing the log and applying the protecting-decorative coating.
  9. Assembling the construction.
  10. The frame is ready to be transported to the site. It shall be transported only after thorough quality check of each stage and part.

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